A Tribute

I traveled to the east coast of Florida earlier this week and along the way, stopped by my mother’s monument in Titusville. This 12 panel bronze installation honors Apollo workers and documents the history of space exploration. My mother worked on this project...

For Christopher from Makr Carry Goods. I’m a big fan of their in-progress and studio photographs.

Shop Update

I’ve added two new pieces to the shop. Feel free to pop over and take a peek!*Update to my previous post, Reworked: this necklace sold. I’m delighted!


Watercolor color samples referencing on old family photos punched and laminated in plastic pouches. Old pillow fabric in plastic pouch.


I reworked the upcycled cabinetry necklaces from my shop into one, longer piece. It makes quite a statement when worn. On hold for now, but will end up in the shop if not purchased.