Clay and Brass

I've been looking for ways to elevate my jewelry making process beyond simply assembling old brass bits and modern components. Working with clay brings me back to my childhood helping my mother with her clay sculptures. My brother and I would help her prep clay panels, and more recently, I assisted her with a few relief sculptures.

My new work draws inspiration from textures from my home - the dried flowers, chippy paint and concrete in soft whites and greys. I am still imagining ways to dip dye or paint the clay. I'm excited by this new way of working, and look forward to sharing more in the next few weeks!

Thank you to the extraordinarily beautiful Lorraine Medina


  1. love that you are looking... literally... close to home for your inspiration. those spots and details are often over looked.

    this little look book is fresh and feels light for the heavy season coming up. love it.

  2. Really fresh and versatile pieces. My favorite is the choker style necklace displayed on the vase.