A Tribute



I traveled to the east coast of Florida earlier this week and along the way, stopped by my mother's monument in Titusville. This 12 panel bronze installation honors Apollo workers and documents the history of space exploration.

My mother worked on this project for ten years. Her studio was in the living room of my childhood home; these scenes provided a backdrop to our daily lives for so many years. We supported her through each process - through research and development, fabrication of each panel, the clay and foundry processess and finally, the installation. I learned from her daily and even assisted in the sculpting of a few scenes. Most days, my job was to smooth the flat surfaces. My sense memory still recalls the pain on my thumb from smoothing for hours and the smell of the clay that never washed off. I like the idea that our fingerprints are visible in some areas, too. It was so nice to visit the site alone and to photograph and remember.


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